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My name is Aashna Sahni. I am Software Engineer who dwells through Machine Learning and algorithms throughout the day but always comes around the corner to cook as its my therapeutic zone,to be honest.


  • Fruit & Custard Pudding 
    Wardrobe Requirements  Pineapple Custard powder Apples Pomogranate  Kiwis Chocolate  Wafers Cake squares Flavoured candies Milk Fruit Jam Get,Set & Go In a borosil flat dish,put the cake squares like carpet to cover all of it. Now in a bowl,take 5-6 tbspn of Custard powder and pour some milk in it.Stir well to dissolve lumps. NowContinue reading “Fruit & Custard Pudding “
  • Appe
    Wardrobe Requirements  Semolina(suji) Capsicum  Tomatoes  Baking powder  Onions  Curd Milk Get,Set & Go Dice onions,capsicum & tomatoes. Take 1 cup semolina in a mixing bowl.Add to it water to make a thick batter.Add 2 tbspn of milk to make a consistent batter. Add the diced veggies to the batter. Add 1 tbspn curd to it.Continue reading “Appe”
  • Corn Macaroni Salad 
    Wardrobe Requirements  Corns Boiled Tomatoes  Capsicum Macaroni  Mayonise Pasta Sauce Get,Set & Go Boil the Macaroni and corns together. Dice the capsicum and tomatoes. In a bowl,add 4 tbpsn of mayonise,2tbspn of pasta sauce,salt,black pepper and 1 tspn of red chilli sauce. Drain the water of Macaroni and corns. Now add Macaroni,corns,tomatoes & capsicum toContinue reading “Corn Macaroni Salad “

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