Hot garlic wedges

Wardrobe requirements:

• Potatoes
• Garlic
• Ginger
• Corn-flour
• Salt
•  Chilli flakes
• Red chilli sauce
• Tomato sauce

Get Set and Go:

• Cut the potatoes in wedge shape.

• Take 8-9 garlic cloves and smash them with broad end of the knife and the chop to retain the full flavours.

• Grate the ginger.

• Now put the potato wedges in a bowl. Add to it ginger and garlic.

• Put 2 tspn corn-flour, salt to taste, red chili flakes (as much as you can tolerate the spice :p), 2-3 tbspn red chilli sauce,1 tbspn tomato sauce.

• Mix the ingredients thoroughly by taping the bowl and keep it aside to marinate for 12-15 min.

• Now pour the oil in kadai(frying vessel). On low flame put the marinated wedges into it.

• Fry till golden brown.

• Garnish with coriander and serve with tomato sauce.


Wardrobe tip:

Refrigerate the marinated mixture fir 10-15 minutes for the crunchy wedges.

Aashna Sahni


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