Yogurt Coins

Wardrobe Requirements:
•Black pepper
•Diced capsicum
•Chopped Coriander
•Finely diced Carrot
•Gram flour (besan) or rice flour

Get Set and Go:
•Tie the curd in muslin cloth and hang it overnight to get the nice creamy yogurt (hung curd).

•Now in this add diced capsicum.

•Add finely diced carrot.

•Add chopped coriander.

•Add to it salt and black pepper.

•Add to it 3 tbspn either gram flour (besan) or rice flour.

•Mix the batter thoroughly and give it a rest of 6-7 minutes.

•Now take a little batter and shape them as kebabs or coins, pressing it with hands.

•On a non-stick pan, pour a little oil and shallow fry the kebabs from both sides until golden brown.

•Serve hot with tomato sauce.


Hope you like it,keep reading,keep sharing,keep eating😋☺☺

Aashna Sahni


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