Indiana-The Road to Aroma and Adventure

Hello readers!

In the cozy morning today as I was heading for my college,the serene scene outside the bus window provoked me take a minute and think about all the beautiful,calm,serene or dazzling and frolic views and definitely the food I had ever came across while travelling around.So here is the fantasy which i was finally lingering upon.

India is land of amazing cultures with the heavenly tastes at every mile or I shall say at every nook and corner. Be it the street food to seven star restaurant,I bet you will be biting your fingers off:D.

From the pious South with the divine aroma of coconuts to the mysterious mountains of North with most beautiful and pulpy fruits and definitely the Eastern and Western coasts of India serves you the best of sea food.
If you are a complete vegetarian,you have as many choices as there are stars in the milky way and if you are a complete non-vegeterian then too you have the best out of rest flavours.
Being such a foodaholic,I never take the back seat while I am in my city or roaming around(which i do less these days beacuse of my graduation)😋.
I am always in search of new destinations to explore new delicacies.From the spicy ‘Vada Pav’ in Mumbai or the yummy ‘Kanda Poha’ of Pune to the famous ‘Pyaaz Ki Kachori’ at Jaipur or the Nawab’s favourite ‘Makkhan Faluda’ of Lucknow to the amalgamation of precious taste in ‘Biryani’ of Hyderabad or the sweetest ‘Payasam’ from Chennai or the ’Olive Fish’ from Kolkata or the ‘Butter Chicken’ and ‘Makke di Roti,Te Sarso da Saag,naale Gud te lassi'(my favourite) from Punjab or the ‘Paranthe wali Gali’ at Delhi and the most yummy and astonishing “Pandit Jee’s Kulfi” of Bareilly(it’s freezed using fire…ice on fire) to the best tea I had ever sipped at the India’s highest and last tea stall better known as “Aakhri Chai ki Dukan” at an altitude of 10,499 feet at India-Tibet/China Border😍,they all will leave you with amazing taste and new adventures unveiled.


The traditions and cultures with the changing ratio of their use of spices,here,in India has gave birth to the some of the best known delights today.With the changing languages and attires at every few kilometers,you will totally be surprised by how the taste also changes.
India has a very rich history. It had been a land to well known priests to Hindu Kings to Mughals and Nawabs and as you know the King is King,how could they have compromised with their tastes and due to this India has such varying flavours,spices and dishes over its length and breadth.


Not only this,as you know we Indians can do anything we wish for we have our own version of International dishes too.The ‘desi with videsi’ and ‘videsi with desi’ touch is our art.


So,with this I hope I have kind of inspired you a bit for food pilgrimage. So go out,try new delights,enjoy food,learn new cultures,live life!!:D

Have a happy week,keep reading,keep exploring, keep eating!:)


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