Beetroot surprise

Wardrobe Requirements:
•Potatoes (boiled)
•Green Chillies
•Dried Pomogranate seeds(Anar Dana)

Get,Set and Go:


1)Grate the beetroot and ginger finely

2)Chop the onions,coriander and green chillies.

3)Boil the peas.

4)Add to beetroot,onions,green chillies,coriander,ginger and peas.

5)To this,add pinch of salt to taste, red chilli powder.

6)Coarsely grind Pomogranate seeds and add it to the mixture of beetroot.

7)Mix the filling nicely so that every flavour amalgamates.

Filling Cover

1)Mesh the boiled potatoes.

2)Add to it a pinch of salt and mix again.

3)Now take a nice amount potato batter on your palm making a thick sheet.

4)Now on this sheet of potatoes put the beetroot mixture at the center line.

5)Now roll the potato sheet to seal the beetroot mixture.

6)Refrigerate your potato rolls for about 30-45 mins.

7)Now in a frying pan,deep fry these rolls till golden brown.


1)Grate some carrot and beetroot.

2)Take out the circular  slice of beetroot and fold it like rose petals and pin them together with toothpick.

3)Cut the rolls diagonally thus revealing the red part inside.

4)On flat platter garnish them as shown.




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