Bread Pancake

Wardrobe Requirements:
•4-5 Bread slices
•Rice flour
•Green Chillies
•Semolina (Suji)

Get,Set and Go:

•Cut the sides of the bread apart, and now cut the bread into small squares.

•Now add these bread pieces to the mixer jar. Add half a cup of curd,2-3 green chillies, ginger and salt to taste in it. Grind the mixture nicely.

•Now pour this mixture in a bowl and add to it 1 tbspn of rice flour and semolina in it to make a thick batter.(Add water as per use to make batter for pancake as in besan or suji chilla.)

•Now in this batter,add diced capsicum,onion,carrot and mix.

•On a non-stick pan,pour some oil and spread the batter in round shape till both the sides are golden brown.

•Serve hot with carrot ribbons and tomato sauce.



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